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                               Princess Atlanta of Greek mythology was the daughter of King Iasus (Iasius).Trained by hunters from her early childhood, she became a strong, skilled and successful huntress. She could beat anyone in running and hunting. She insisted that she would marry only the man who could beat her in a foot race. Attracted by her beauty and bravery, many princes competed with her, but could not beat her. Finally, the young, clever and handsome prince Melanion (Hippomenes) came to try his chance. He had concealed three golden apples in his pocket when he started the race.
                               As the race progressed, Atlanta easily overtook Melanion. Then he tossed down one of the golden apples to distract her. It fell near her feet and rolled to a side, away from the track. She ran after the golden apple, returned with the retrieved apple and resumed the race. Again, she gained speed and raced ahead of him. He then tossed the second apple at her feet, causing her to deviate from the path and lag behind him. But she resumed the race and soon overtook him. He then threw the third and largest apple with full force. Overcome by the temptation to gather the glistening golden apple, she ran after it, stopped and stooped to pick it up and returned with it confidently to continue the race. But he could reach the finishing point just before her. Thus Melanion won the race by his tricks and married Atlanta.
                               With the powerful grace of God we can march towards the higher levels of sanctity if we are determined to avoid all tempting situations. We should not lead ourselves into temptations.
                               We have to be ready to leave our attachment to worthless worldly pleasures and affinity to material objects to gain true freedom and gather greater goals. Our desires impede our freedom. We should detach ourselves from these tempting desires. Otherwise we become slaves of  sin. When we clasp worldly interests we fail to open our hands to receive the bliss of heavenly happiness.
                               St. Ignatius Loyola used to repeat the following Biblical verse to St. Francis Xavier whenever they met in the campus of the University of Paris: “Will a person gain anything if he wins the whole world but loses his life?” These words transformed St. Francis Xavier completely, gave him a new vision and mission and made him a great saint.                                   
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