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                            A person approached a psychiatrist with a strange disorder. Whenever he lies on his bed, he has a strong feeling that someone is hiding under the cot. This fear has deprived him of sleep for months. The doctor diagnosed the disorder. He said, “You have an anxiety disorder with fear of sleep and thieves - a rare combination of hypnophobia and Kleptophobia.”He agreed to cure the ‘phobias’ using medicines and regular psychotherapy. The patient was asked to consult the doctor every week. He charged a heavy fee for every session of treatment. The drugs also had a high cost.
                            The treatment continued for two months. Thereafter, the patient stopped the visit to the psychiatrist. Months later, the doctor met the patient in a super market. He enquired about the disease and asked why he discontinued the treatment. The patient replied with joy, “Doctor, one of my friends, a carpenter, cured my disease. Now I get good sleep and I have lost all fears.” The doctor was surprised. He asked for details. The man explained, “The carpenter who learned about my ‘phobia’ came to my house with his tools and cut off the four legs of my cot. Now no one can hide under my cot. So there is no problem now.”
                             A phobia is an anxiety disorder with intense and irrational fear of an object, animal or situation. Millions of people suffer from such phobias. There is a long list of phobias: (
                             An instructor was directing a group of students during a training to undertake adventurous sports. He ordered, “There is a very dangerous exercise ahead. I want the bravest of you for the operation. Those who volunteer for the training may move one step forward.” There was a loud stepping sound and dust covered the scene. One of the students who was afraid to volunteer stood still.  But the instructor approached him and shaking his hands congratulated him for his courage. The confused student turned to either side and saw that he was the only one in the front row. He realized what had happened. The rest of the students in the group had stepped one step backwards in fear and he was the only one left in the front!
                             There is a story about Alexander the Great, renowned for his bravery and courage. A soldier, caught for committing a cowardly act was brought before Alexander for trial. “What is your name?” asked Alexander. The frightened soldier replied, “My name is Alexander.”
                             Hearing this, Alexander the Great became furious. He said angrily, “You must change your conduct or change your name. No coward shall share my name!”
                             When the gigantic Goliath challenged the Israelites, the soldiers thought, “He is so huge; we can never kill him.” But the courageous boy, David saw him and possibly thought, “He is so huge; I can’t miss him!” The confidence of David was due to his deep faith in the Omnipotent God. He could fell the giant using a single stone slung from his catapult (slingshot) and slay him.
                             The optimist recognizes a responsibility in every crisis. The pessimist worries about a crisis in every responsibility.

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