Wednesday, January 29, 2014


                   A class was organised  for the students of  a school to enlighten them about the ill effects of alcohol. A popular doctor was invited to present the topic scientifically. The doctor started his class with a dramatic live demonstration. He placed two tall glass jars on the table, clearly visible to all. One was labelled ‘WATER’ and the other was labelled ‘ALCOHOL’ in large, clear letters. Then he poured pure water into the first jar and alcohol in the other jar. Next, he opened a container and picked two long, live earthworms. Explaining his experiment eloquently, he dropped one worm into the jar of water and another worm into the jar of alcohol. He asked the students to watch the worms carefully. The worm put in water happily wriggled about, displaying that it was alive, agile and active.
                   The worm dipped into alcohol curled, shrivelled up, writhed painfully and died instantly. It sank and settled to the bottom of the jar. Glad to have successfully completed the demonstration, the doctor asked the audience “Tell me what you learnt from the experiment?”
                   A smart, young boy stood up and declared aloud, “The experiment has proved that alcohol is an effective medicine to kill and eliminate the worms infesting the intestine.” The doctor was lost for words.
                   Chemically speaking, an alcoholic drink is a ‘solution’ – a solution of ethanol in water. Alcohol dissolves many substances. But it is not a solution to our problems. Problems may appear to dissolve in alcohol and disappear, but later they reappear in a more intense form. Alcohol is a poison, which distorts the personality, destroys domestic life and initiates sinful anti-social activities.
                    Recently a drunkard returned from the bar to his car, heavily drunk. Entering the car, he tried to start it but could not, as the pedals and steering wheel were missing. He cried aloud that someone has stolen these parts from his car. Persons who heard the cry came near him and found that he was occupying the back seat of his car!
                   Addiction to alcohol (alcoholism) has ruined the life of millions. We must abstain from this harmful habit and pray for God’s grace to transform the alcoholics in our society.
                   Drinking alcohol, smoking, chewing pan, abuse of drugs, watching immoral pictures etc. are sinful pleasures that destroy our health, peace, purity, character and life, leading to physical, mental and moral disease and death. Let us avoid all harmful habits.

© By: Prof. Dr. Babu Philip, Darsana Academy, Kottayam-686001, Kerala, India ( Former Professor, Cochin University of Science & Technology, Fine Arts Avenue, Kochi-682016, Kerala, India), Prof. Mrs. Rajamma Babu, Former Professor, St. Dominic's College, Kanjirappally,  Leo. S. John, St. Antony's Public School, Anakkal, Kanjirappally and Neil John, Maniparambil, Ooriyakunnath, Kunnumbhagom, Kanjirappally, Kottayam-686507, Kerala, India.
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