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                                     The story entitled, “Iruttinte Soundaryam” (The Beauty of Darkness) by Mr. Artson Pothy, published in the Malayalam weekly, “Sathyanadam” (14 January 1996, page 11) depicts the impulsive infatuation of a young man with a gifted and graceful girl and its consequences.
                                     The hero, Anirudhan was watching a concert. The beautiful girl who sang with a sweet voice caught his special attention. She was singing in the most melodious voice he had ever heard. She wore a beautiful white dress and stylish dark glasses which intensified her natural beauty. In the lovely and well-lit stage, the graceful girl appeared to him as a radiant angel descended from heaven. He watched her exquisite performance and enchanting charm as if in a dream. He contacted the Orchestra and learned that her name was Nisha. He talked to her directly over the phone. In an excited tone, he told her how much he adored her graceful face, attractive attire, lovely smile, pleasing performance and divine voice. He declared that he was madly in love with her and could not live without her and requested her to agree to marry him. He said he would come to meet her in person the next day.
                                     The girl was amazed, shocked and confused on hearing his words. She replied calmly, “See, I am very poor and moreover…” He did not permit her to complete the sentence. He told her that he knew everything about her and that his decision to marry her was firm and final. The girl discussed the proposal with her friends and relatives and they encouraged her to proceed with the proposal as he had told her that he knew everything about her. She eagerly awaited his arrival.
                                     Carrying a pair of the most expensive dark glasses to present to her as his gift, he went to her residence, dressed like a prince. He met her and presented the gift to her with eloquent words of ardent admiration. She opened the packet and decided to wear the new pair of glasses before him. She removed her own glasses and the young man was stunned and shocked to see that the girl had no eyes at all! There were only two small depressions in their place on her face, suggesting complete blindness. His attraction, appreciation and admiration for her alluring and appealing appearance disappeared in seconds. He rushed out of the room and vanished without a word leaving the girl in a perplexed state.
                                     The young man’s love was not true or sincere. He displayed several defects in his personality, character and behaviour. He made an important decision in his life without forethought and analysis. He gave a promise to a poor girl which he could not keep. His love was only an immature infatuation to the physical glamour of the gorgeous girl. Impulsive decisions may lead to disaster.  Seeking God’s will by fervent prayer leads to correct decisions. If we are willing to follow the will of God, He will make His will clear to us. William Barclay taught, “There is only one way to bring peace to the heart, joy to the mind and beauty to life; it is to accept and do the will of God.”
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