Wednesday, March 20, 2013


              General Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1888) is considered as the 'Father of Modern Italy'. He was a great hero and patriot who fought for a unified Italy. One evening, in 1861, while marching along a mountainous area with his troops, he came across a poor Sardinian shepherd  in great distress who was lamenting the loss of a lamb from his flock. Garibaldi consoled him and promised to find the lost lamb. He immediately commanded his troops to organize an operation to search the whole mountain ranges and recover the missing lamb. The troops  eagerly searched the whole area carrying lighted lanterns but could not find the lost lamb anywhere. They returned empty handed and reported to the General that the lamb could not be traced. They abandoned the futile search and retired to the quarters one by one.
              The next morning, Garibaldi's attendant found that the General was still in bed much longer than his usual schedule. Garibaldi used to rise up earlier than anyone in the camp. The attendant awoke him. He rubbed his eyes and brought out from his blanket the little lamb lost by the shepherd. He had continued the search throughout the night even though his soldiers had stopped the search and gone to bed. The compassionate heart of the great General was full of pity for the poor and helpless shepherd and his lost little lamb. Hence he could not stop the search or go to sleep. He searched throughout the night till he could finally find the missing lamb. He bid his attendant to convey the good news and carry the lamb to the shepherd immediately.
              Jesus Christ taught the parable of the lost sheep: The shepherd who lost one of his hundred sheep goes looking for the lost one until he finds it and then carries it on his shoulders back home to celebrate its successful recovery.
              The Scriptures compare sinners to lost sheep. God continues to seek lost souls until He finds them and redeems them.
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