Friday, November 16, 2012


                                Jawaharlal Nehru was a great statesman, patriotic leader and prolific writer of India. He was one of the top leaders of the struggle for Indian independence. He was elected as the first prime minister of independent India and served in that position from 1947 to his death in 1964.There is a story often ascribed to his period of service as prime minister.
                                Once, he was presiding over an important meeting. There were several dignitaries seated with him. Nehru felt a foul smell and asked a delegate to investigate the cause of the dirty odour. It was reported to him that the stinking smell  was from the soiled and sweaty socks of one of the dignitaries seated near him. Nehru asked him to remove the stinking socks immediately and then return to the meeting.
                                The person went out and the smell faded away. Later the person returned and once again there was the same foul smell all around. Nehru asked him angrily, "Haven't you removed the stinking socks from your legs?" He replied, "Of course, I have removed them, sir. If you have any doubt, please see this." Then he drew out from his pocket the pair of foul-smelling socks he had removed and displayed them before the prime minister. "I brought it as an evidence to prove that I have removed it", he added with an idiotic gesture.
                               This popular story may be fictitious, but it does teach us an important lesson of life. Many of us leave our bad habits with the mind of that person. We leave them only partially, half-heartedly and temporarily and still carry it silently along with us.
                              True transformation needs a complete and whole-hearted elimination of the harmful habits and its conscious substitution by virtuous practices to prevent a recurrence of the previous vices.
                             Let us cleanse our hands and purify our hearts by true repentance. We may be stained red with sin, but God will wash away our sins and make us as clean as snow and as white as wool.

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