Friday, December 17, 2010

Feast and Fast

Gilbert Keith Chesterton and George Bernard Shaw were two contemporary British writers. Chesterton was a very fat man who loved eating. Shaw, on the other hand, was a strict vegetarian and was very thin and lean. The story goes that Chesterton once said to Shaw, "Looking at you, people would think there's a famine in England," to which Shaw responded, "Looking at you, they'd think you caused it!"
At the end of a monotonous meeting, the Chairman announced that the next item is the best part of any meeting - that is, ‘eating’! Immediately the members rushed to the dining hall happily.
Food is a basic requirement of every living thing. God has provided enough resources on earth for every man’s need but not for his greed. While several underprivileged people are exposed to constant poverty and frequent starvation, many rich people suffer from disorders associated with overeating such as obesity. Overeating and lack of activity are the major causes of obesity which may lead to very serious diseases such as heart-attack, diabetes and stroke.
There is a story about a person who complained to his doctor that he was not feeling hungry for about an hour after a meal. To reduce the weight of the extra obese person, the doctor prescribed two slices of bread in the morning and one at night. The patient sought a clarification- whether the bread should be eaten before the usual meal or after it!
Over-eating or gluttony can be a sin. We must control our appetites but should not allow appetites to control us. If we fail to control our overeating habits, we may fail to control other bad habits such as addictions, anger, arrogance, envy, greed, lust and laziness. God has given us delicious and nutritious food. We may enjoy them - but only in moderation, using only appropriate quantities. Let us make sacrifices to feed the poor and hungry around us.
Practice of temperance and occasional fasting improves our physical, mental, moral, emotional and spiritual health.

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